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Hi! I’m Amity. Traveler, writer, dreamer. Mom to amazing Little A and wife to The Husband.

My first trip abroad was one of those “get off the bus, look at a cathedral, and get back on the bus” tours for high school groups. Homesick, carsick, and slightly grubby, I was still hooked on travel. In college, I spent a summer abroad, and then a few years later, I met this guy (yeah, The Husband) who also loved to travel and wasn’t afraid of a spontaneously planned hiking trip to England just six weeks into our relationship.

And we went back, again and again. And then we bought a tandem road bike (it’s cooler than you think!) and cycled through Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Denmark, and France. And then we moved to the Netherlands and stayed for 4½ years.

The Keukenhof Gardens, one of my favorite destinations in the Netherlands.

And then we came home to North Carolina and had a baby.

After quickly getting over the delusions of what I thought motherhood would be like (*cue soft lighting and an image of a blissfully slumbering baby*), I had the horrible thought that we would never travel again. Or at least not until Little A was somewhat civilized. So, 17 or 18 years?

Nope, 17 months.

That’s how old Little A was when she took her first trip abroad.

  • We flew to England.
  • We had long journeys in a rental car.
  • We encountered new people, new beds, and new bathtubs.
  • We flew home and lived to tell the tale.

If you’re here, then you’re one of the crazy parents who wants to travel – really travel, not just go on the occasional overnight trip – with a toddler or, perhaps, in spite of having a toddler.

Or maybe, like me, you’ve already taken the plunge into the wild world of international travel with the under 4 set and survived!

The Husband and I visited Prague in 2007 and can’t wait until Little A is old enough to enjoy this wonderful city.

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