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Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids Who Travel

I don’t have to tell you that the holidays are coming up. Have you started shopping yet? Are there any kids with travel plans on your list? Do you need gift ideas?

Maybe it’s your niece or your grandson or your college roommate’s tween daughter. Maybe it’s your kid.

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My shopping list includes three kids who are regular travelers: my daughter, Little A; and her big cousins, E and M. The cousins are actually young adults so cash is usually the best gift for them. But younger travelers would certainly welcome a gift to make the flight more bearable or to help him or her prep for a new adventure.

Even better, choosing something for travel will keep that anticipation building, especially if the trip is months down the road.

Whoever your young adventurers are, they’ll love getting a holiday gift that related to their upcoming travel.

Gift Ideas for Toddlers & Little Kids

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Gift Ideas for Kids & Tweens

  • Small messenger or cross-body bag: Older kids and tweens will want to carry their own stuff. A smallish messenger bag is a good way for them to keep up with a few essentials for touring but not be overloaded. Wildkin offers a 13″x10″ bag in a variety of colors and prints.

  • Google Play or iTunes gift cards to download travel and language apps
  • Foreign currency: Who doesn’t love cash? What kid wouldn’t love having his or her own Pounds Sterling or Euros to examine and stash away for an awesome souvenir? Check your bank to see what it offers. One of the perks of belonging to my credit union is getting foreign currency without a fee. I can request a certain amount and have the equivalent in US Dollars deducted from my checking account. Do you have coins left over from your own foreign travel and a child on your list heading to a country you’ve visited? Then round up the coins that he or she can use and print out the current exchange rate, so that young traveler can practice using the coins and get an idea of what they’ll buy.

Do you have any young travelers on your holiday list? What gift ideas do you have for them?

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