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Mostly Minimalist: What’s In Your Travel Make-up Kit?

Minimalist packing is all about taking the essentials.

When it comes to makeup, some travelers will tell you that none of it is essential. They’re the gals who get by with a little moisturizer and a tube of lip balm. (I’m looking at you, sweet sister-in-law!) Others want to take every eye shadow they own and would gladly travel with that Caboodles they’ve had since middle school. (Anyone else a teenager in the 80s who coveted her friends’ Caboodles?)

I won’t lie. I like to wear a little makeup, and I like to maintain my beauty (ha!) routine when we’re traveling.

Girly stuff, like perfect hair and nails, has always been a bit beyond me, but I can manage to put on a little mascara with a degree of competence.

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When I travel, I pack makeup like I pack clothes. Every item has to be one I’ll use more than once. And nothing goes in that isn’t already part of my daily routine.

In addition to a travel-size moisturizer with SPF, here’s what’s in my makeup bag. (Of course, all liquids, pastes, and gels go into a TSA-approved bag if I’m flying!)

  1. Ulta BB Cream Beauty Balm: I love this stuff! It’s sheer and doesn’t feel heavy like foundation.
  2. E.L.F. Eyebrow gel: I stink at eyebrow management, so I just brush some of this on and it keeps my eyebrows under control.
  3. Ulta Mineral Powder Foundation: This powder works well for me. It’s never shiny.
  4. E.L.F. Blush: This blush stays on even when I’m all sweaty.
  5. EcoTools Kabuki powder brush
  6. EcoTools blush brush
  7. E.L.F. eyelid stuff: I swipe just a bit over my eyelids to keep my eyeshadow from disappearing within an hour of applying it.
  8. E.L.F. eyeshadow: To me, this eyeshadow works as well as the pricey stuff. And it’s only $2.00, so it’s not a tragedy if I drop it and it breaks all over the bathroom. Yeah, that happened last week.
  9. Eyelash curler: I know. I know. Many of you will say this tool is unnecessary, but it’s essential to me.
  10. Ulta Plush Drama Mascara: I’ve used several varieties of Ulta mascara and have liked all of them, except the Fiber kind.
  11. Burt’s Bees Lip Shine: I love this lip gloss. It’s comfortable to wear and not heavy like lipstick.

And a big exception:

  • Ulta Raincoat Waterproof Topcoat for Mascara

Normally I just use regular mascara, but for travel I prefer to add the waterproofing coat for two reasons:

  • One, on holiday, I’m typically outside a lot. That means I could get caught in the rain. I’m not going to miss the sights just because I don’t want my mascara to run. Waterproof mascara stands up to the weather, and I don’t look like a racoon in photos.
  • Two, I cry easily, especially when it comes to Little A. Yep. I’ll admit that I tear up the moment she takes delight in a new experience. Even though I cry at the drop off a hat and make no secret of out, I don’t want photographic evidence of my mascara-streaked face.

There’s one last item. It’s also one I don’t use at home but make an exception for when traveling:

Makeup remover wipes.

In my daily routine, I swear by Almay Eye Makeup Remover and Cetaphil, but for travel I buy a travel pack of makeup remover wipes. They’re easy to pack, and they take up a little less room as you use them and throw them away.

So there it is, my Mostly Minimalist Travel Makeup Kit. It fits into a small pouch and has everything I need to feel put together.

What about you? What are your beauty essentials? Is there anything you can’t live without?

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