Blogging in the Dark

Blogging in the Dark: How to Write Your Way to a Blogging Niche

Discovering your blogging niche is easy when you begin in reality.

Unfortunately, I started off on Fantasy Island.





*wipes tears of laughter from eyes.

Whew. I crack me up.

In my early days of delusion, I imagined my perfect blog. I’d feature inspired, delicious, healthy recipes; fun crafts promoting age-appropriate child development; easy, effective tips for getting and staying in shape; and–this one is really a hoot–advice for a clean, clutter-free home.

Here’s the truth.

I didn’t get back to real cooking until Little A was about 19 months old. (The Instant Pot changed my cooking life.)

I had no time for crafts. With Mommy Thumb in both hands, I couldn’t even sneak in 15 minutes of knitting. Besides, it turns out that I really do not enjoy explaining things step-by-step. (Hats off to all you craft bloggers who post clear, helpful tutorials!)

I only got back to minimal exercise when Little A was about 14 months old. Early on, she loathed being in her stroller. These days, she’s pretty happy going on a 45-minute walk. That’s great, but it’s not the kind of fitness regimen I had envisioned. (Once upon a time, I worked out pretty hard six days a week.)

As for housekeeping…before Little A, I just barely managed a reasonable standard of cleanliness. Tidy? No. Cluttered. Oh, yeah.

But I wrote and wrote, trying to put together enough content to launch my oh-so-helpful and oh-so-engaging mommy blog. Lots of other moms do an awesome job covering these topics and more for their readers.

So I beavered away and put together at least two dozen blog posts that will never see the light of day.

Why not? Had I wasted those precious early morning hours when Little A slept?

No, I hadn’t wasted a minute because I had to grind through all that work to learn that, as much as I enjoy reading the bloggers who cover a range of topics about motherhood and home life, I didn’t especially like writing about these topics myself.

But as this bright idea dimmed, another one flashed to life.

Why not write about travel with kids?

The Husband and I had traveled quite a bit, even living in the Netherlands for nearly 5 years, before Little A was born. And we knew that we’d be heading to a family reunion in the UK when Little A was just entering toddlerhood.

So in the six months before our trip, I began prepping. And panicking. The idea of traveling abroad with Little A made me nervous. It was like I had never traveled before. Instead of feeling confident from all my previous travels, I felt like a total newbie.

I’m a list-maker, so I began writing down my ideas. What would we pack? How many diapers did we need? Could we keep Little A entertained on the flight?

All my anxieties and all my lists of things to do and things to take sparked the inspiration for this blog.

Here’s the route my train of thought traveled:

  1. I’ve traveled.
  2. I intend to keep traveling.
  3. And I intend for Little A to grow up a curious and confident traveler.
  4. Surely there are lots of other parents who want the same for their kids. Those parents are my audience. My niche is traveling with kids. 

Do you want to start a blog?

  • Do you have tons of ideas that sound great?
  • Do you have so many ideas that you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel a little confused about where to start?

Save time and find your blogging niche using 9 Steps to Discovering Your Blogging Niche.

  • I’ve streamlined the process so that you don’t have to write two dozen posts that no one will ever read.
  • I’ve streamlined the process so that you can do a couple of hours of work upfront to ensure your confidence in your niche and to get your blog off the ground ASAP.

(Dark secret: I taught college English composition for years. YEARS. So many years. I’ve put together dozens exercises like this worksheet to help students organize their thoughts for writing assignments from short essays to semester-long projects.)

Bloggers and would-be bloggers, how did you settle on a niche? Or did you? What works for you?

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