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6 Things the TSA ALLOWS When You’re Traveling with Kids

Wait. Are all my liquids, pastes, and gels secured in my regulation-sized zip-top bag?

I approach security screener, panicking that there’s a rogue tube of lip balm lurking in the recesses of my purse.

Who hasn’t had a thought like this when traveling by plane in the post-9/11 world?

Now add in traveling with a little person and all the liquids, goops, and potions he or she requires, and you might just decide to stay home.

But it’s not that bad.

Even with heightened security, the TSA and airlines seem to understand that kids require more stuff and less stress. You might even be surprised at what’s allowed.

Educate yourself now so that you don’t go broke in the airport shelling out $8 for a 75-cent pouch of applesauce.

  1. Formula, breastmilk, and juice are allowed. Better still, they are NOT subject to the 3.4-ounce/100-milliliter rule. No tiny bottles of breastmilk in your zip-top bag! When you reach security, simply inform the screener that you have liquids for feeding your child. See this helpful link for more on how the liquids may be screened, and just know that you might be in the receiving end of a pat down. It’ll be okay.
  2. Ice packs, freezer packs, etc. to keep the liquids cool are A-okay. Again, inform your security screener.
  3. Baby food is allowed. It can be in jars, cans (really?), or pouches. I’m repeating myself like a scratched record here, but again, the key is to inform your screener.
  4. Kids under 12 are allowed to keep on coats, hats, and so. No stripping down your child in the security line!
  5. Your child will be allowed too stay with you. No one will force your child to endure alone a process that stresses out most adults!
  6. You get to carry in your infant or small child through the walk-through metal detector. No handing your little one over to a stranger!

Does flying with your child sound a little less daunting now?

Would it help to mention that at every airport, domestic and foreign, The Husband, Little A, and I were politely hustled into a special line for folks with disabilities, folks traveling with children, and anyone else with a special set of circumstances?

I can’t guarantee this will happen to you. But if it does, be thankful. The screeners in this line will be prepared to work with people traveling with kids, with strollers or wheelchairs, and with anything else that would make the typical business traveler fume with impatience. (We all know that guy or gal!)

For more information, check out the TSA’s page on travel with children.

So far in our travels, my family has been fortunate to have positive experiences with the TSA and airlines. What about you? Any pleasant surprises while navigating an airport with a child?


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